You are the detail that can
make all the difference.

Who we are

Our ability to combine market practice with academic knowledge makes us a reference in multidisciplinary deliveries.

Here, you build thinking that goes beyond the legal environment and makes a difference in your professional journey.

Get to know the values that
guide our internal culture:

Achieve and cultivate

We cultivate our connections to keep integrated teams and, thus, create increasingly stronger bonds with our clients.

Learn and undertake

We seek constant learning to apply our knowledge in practice.

Question and innovate

We think creatively to find solutions capable of positively impacting the market, our professionals, and our clients.

Include and welcome

We invest in the plurality of knowledge and profiles to generate effective results.

Respect and honor

We strengthen our relationships with respect, integrity, honor, and transparency. This is non-negotiable for us.

For you


Everyone is constantly encouraged to seek and apply knowledge to generate relevant solutions and results.


We build a collaborative environment, as we know that a diverse and questioning team makes all the difference.


We attract, retain, and develop talents. We create a movement of evolution and innovation.

Be the detail that will make the difference in our firm.